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Some of our favorite Bugs Bunny collectibles ideas ...

Bugs Bunny Pinball Machine

Bugs Bunny Birthday Pinball Machine

Pinball machines are fun. Bugs Bunny is fun. Combine the two and you have super fun!

Shown is the "birthday" pinball machine but there are many good ones.

This pinball machines features Bugs and friends, including the Tazmanian Devil, Porky Pig, Sylvester, Tweety, Yosemite Sam, Pepe Le Pew, Daffy Duck and more.

Bugs Bunny Birthday Pinball Machine

Bugs Bunny Birthday Pinball Machine

Bugs Bunny Birthday Pinball Machine

Bugs Bunny Birthday Pinball Machine

Note that Bugs Bunny pinball machines can be difficult to find, especially during the Christmas season. They make awesome gifts but are in demand and are quickly snapped up.

Bugs Bunny Art Cel

Bugs Bunny Art Cel Yer Out

An art cel (yes, cel is not cell) comes from actual Bugs Bunny cartoons.

The cel that is shown is a famous scene where the home plate umpire in a baseball game is calling Bugs Bunny out. It's called "Yer Out".

This particular version was signed by artist Virgil Ross and is a limited edition artists proof and part of the Warner Brothers Masters Collection.

Bugs Bunny Art Cel Yer Out

Bugs Bunny Art Cel Yer Out

Life Size Bugs Bunny Statue

Bugs Bunny Life Size Statue

This Warner Brothers store display features a lifesized Bugs Bunny.

Wearing a black tuxedo jacket, white shirt, with red cumberbund and matching red bow tie, Bugs is looking rather dapper while holding his half eaten carrot in his right hand.

You could get a Bugs Bunny doll. You could also get a life size statue!

It may be rather hard to find a life sized Bugs Bunny, but there are also may great statues availabe ...



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